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#1 Way to find, screen & manage talent

World's leading social media talent recruitment & management ecosystem

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                                       integrates seamlessly with several industry leading technology solutions to provide and end-to-end automated talent ecosystem

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XhumaTalent allows you to automate recruitment administration, candidate onboarding & screening, learner management (LMS), monetary distributions, mobile/data distributions, mentor management, textbook distributions. In this way you can focus on what matters

Benefits for your Company, PBO or Organisation

Privacy & Data Protection

GDPR and POPI compliant secure end-to-end encryption and hosting to ensure the confidentiality of all sensitive information.

End-to-end in the Cloud

Access sensitive data securely from anywhere. Long gone are lost devices, need for data backups. XhumaTalent is always up to date and available.

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GenZ-centric Communications

XhumaTalent utilises social media platforms (including Whatsapp) as primary forms of administrative communication to ensure unparalleled responsiveness from candidates.

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AI Driven Candidate Screening

XhumaTalent uses Artificial Intelligence to ensure that prospective candidates have high probabilities of success in their chosen careers and  qualifications.

Discover Previously Disadvantaged Talent

XhumaTalent has an ever growing extensive network (over 300 000) of previously disadvantaged talent in need of funding and development opportunities.

Fit for Purpose

XhumaTalent was specifically developed for Companies, PBO's and Organisations with all the requisite functionality to streamline the administrative functions found in a Bursary Program or Talent Recruitment team within a Company,

Financial Literacy Hands-On Training

XhumaTalent integrates seamlessly with Xhuma Neobanking to teach your candidates how to effectively build wealth, manage budgets and achieve financial goals.

Automated Salary/Stipend Distributions

XhumaTalent's integration with Xhuma Neobanking allows you to automate distributions to your talent pool while instilling healthy financial habits in them.

Big Data & Analytics

Big data and analytics on student performance and anticipated careers and developmental areas.

Automated Admin Functionality

Automate all the HR admin to find candidates, screen them, interview them, screen them and manage them.

Financial Literacy Curriculum

Teach your candidates critical money skills from a young age.

Responsible Money Management

Ensure funds allocated for certain purposes are distributed with the requisite transparency and accountability.

Experience the #1 way to find & manage your talent

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